Advantages & Types of Diaphragm Seal

27 Nov , 2020 Diaphragm Seal

What is Diaphragm Seal?

Diaphragm seal system consists of a Pressure Instruments, Fill fluid and Diaphragm seal direct mounting type or capillary type.

In process a flexible diaphragm and filling fluid separate the pressure instruments from process media, temperature or service.

When process pressure acts on diaphragm, diaphragm displacement transfers the measured pressure through the filled system. This transferred pressure displaces the pressure sensing element of Pressure Instruments.

Diaphragm seal is used to seal and safeguard instrument from the process medium. The flexibility of the seal is as such that, the diaphragm, seals the contents safely at the same time permeating the instrument to measure the pressure accurately.

Diaphragms seals are in general used with other devices and instruments including pressure gauges, transmitters and switches. This combination can be used in extreme and harsh environmental conditions. The fact that they can isolate instruments from any kind of toxic and reactive chemical makes them an especially useful device.

Application of Diaphragm Seals

The application range of diaphragm seals is wide. The use of diaphragm seals in pressure gauges is to protect the sensing element from toxic and hazardous chemicals. Diaphragm seals are manufactured for use in extreme conditions, suitable for different industrial processes.

For instance, they are used with pressure gauges that are generally subjected to difficult process environments. They are used to protect the instrument from dangerous and corrosive media. In a way, diaphragm seals are used to enhance the lifetime of any instrument by protecting them against harmful media which can be at high temperature, highly corrosive in nature, viscous and with highly toxic chemical combination.

Types of Diaphragm Seals

Diaphragm seals are available for a variety of applications. Based on application, diaphragm seals can be categorized into:

Types of Diaphragm Seals

1. Inline Diaphragm Seal

These types of diaphragm seals are used to allow flow of fluids and are placed inside different types of connectors. The placement of the seals is in a pattern that prevents process clogging, the growth of any bacteria in the diaphragm over time.

2. Threaded Diaphragm Seals

Threaded diaphragm seals are designed to mount direct on threaded process connection. These seals are connected through threaded and flexible capillaries to be used with gauges in switches and transmitters. Designed to fit in very small areas, they are very compact in size.

3. Flanged Diaphragm Seals

Flanged diaphragm seals are designed for direct mounting on the process counter flange or clamping the diaphragm seal between process and covering flange. Available in all international flange standards, ASME EN, BS, API, ISO or JIS and made from a variety of materials, these seals are manufactured to be mounted on gauges and transmitters. Flanged diaphragm seals are available with flushing connections.

4. Sanitary Diaphragm Seals

Sanitary diaphragm seals are specially designed for food and pharmaceutical industries where the formation of bacteria needs to be prevented. These seals allow easy cleaning by means of threaded or quick clamp couplings. These seals are FDA compliant and to avoid any risks of bacterial growth.

Advantages of Diaphragm Seals:

Along with the protection, diaphragm seals ensure that the results obtained using the instrument are highly accurate. Diaphragm seals are installed to enhance the life of instruments which in long term results in saving time and money.

Other major advantage of these seals is that their mounting can be customized as per the application. The fact that they are made to meet industry standards, makes them a trusted equipment to be used in a variety of applications.

Diaphragm seals have gained a reputation as instruments that extend the longevity of devices along with savings on the expenditure of replacing a damaged device.


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Frequently Asked Question About Diaphragm Seal:

Q1.What is a Diaphragm Seal Used For?
A. Diaphragm seal is used to seal and safeguard instrument from the process medium. The flexibility of the seal is as such that, the diaphragm, seals the contents safely at the same time permeating the instrument to measure the pressure accurately.

Q2. What is Diaphragm Seal Pressure Gauge?
A. Diaphragm Seals, also known as Chemical Seals or Gauge Isolators, are built to protect pressure measurement instrumentation from process fluid that is hot, clogging, corrosive, sanitary, or otherwise threatening to the instrument.



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