How to Choose the Right Digital Pressure Gauge

15 Dec , 2020 Digital Pressure Gauge

A digital pressure gauge is an instrument used to measure the pressure of liquids and gases and then digitally display it. The transducer installed in the gauge converts the obtained pressure value into a digital reading.

Pressure gauges find extensive application in industrial and automaton industries. Their application is gaining traction in new areas of healthcare and energy production.

The display may be backlit and include various pressure related data collection and display functions, including data logging, min/max display, peak alarms, unit’s selection, tare function and more.

Pressure gauge manufacturers are incorporating new and advanced technologies to gain a market edge. With the market brimming with a variety of pressure gauges, selecting any one gauge is very difficult.

When the gauge is to be used in a hazardous environment, intrinsically safe certifications are available.

We are laying out a list of steps that can help you in selecting the best digital pressure gauge:

6 Steps to Choose Best Digital Pressure Gauge

1. Check the Accuracy of Pressure Gauges

One major difference between mechanical and digital pressure gauges is accuracy. The accuracy provided by the latter is considered to be higher. Accuracy class from 0.5% to 0.05% of full scale.

Generally, the price of the gauge increases with accuracy. You must precisely evaluate the requirements of your applications before finalizing any particular instrument.

2. Decide Upon the Durability

Digital gauges are known to be very durable as they lack moving parts. They come in different types suitable for different applications.

For instance, some gauges are required to be moved around for use in applications such as testing and demand more robustness whereas some applications require stationary gauges.

Decide the kind of durability you need. This may turn out to be a cost-effective way as a durable pressure gauge will save the recurring cost of replacing it.

3. Give Preference to Readability

Readability is one of the primary reasons owing to which the digital pressure gauges are gaining preference over mechanical types. Besides the digital display, these digital gauges come with a backlight to facilitate effortless reading in a dark environment and an easy-to-read presentation.

You will also have to select the right display size. Assess these requirements for your application and accordingly check the readability of the pressure gauge. There are various types of pressure gauges with different price points available in the market depending on their functionalities. Deciding upon the required technicalities will save your money and increase your productivity.

4. Assess the Operating Environment

Every digital pressure gauge has to operate in some environment which includes parameters such as ambient temperature, humidity, air-borne particulate, and certain chemicals. There might be conditions where the temperature is extreme or the ambient conditions are highly corrosive.

Such conditions would require a highly durable pressure gauge. Any discrepancy can result in malfunction and false reading which would result in an inaccurate final result.

After chalking out the installation area and application of digital pressure gauge, you have to make a list of the environmental conditions that the gauge will be exposed to and then find the right digital pressure gauge which can withstand it.

5. Find the Gauge with the Appropriate Connection Size

The pressure gauges are available in various connections such as NPT, JIS, and DIN. These connections are associated with dial sizes.

To select the best connection size, you need to identify other requirements such as process pressure, space limitations, leak integrity, weight, and size of the gauge. Moreover, the location of the connection should also be identified. The connection that fulfills all these criteria can be given a go-ahead.

6. Select the Pressure Sensor with Elements Compatible with the Process Fluid

Pressure sensor of digital pressure gauge are made of different materials. The process fluid is an important component in determining the kind of pressure sensor element.

If there is incompatibility then there are chances of corrosion which can lead to inaccurate results. The better option would be checking the compatibility of the process fluid and pressure sensor element before purchasing a digital pressure gauge.

A) Diaphragm Seals can be used with digital pressure gauges to make them suitable for the application.

Digital pressure gauges come in a wide price range and variety. Select the right pressure gauge manufacturer who can offer you with the best range of pressure gauges and help you in your selection.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Pressure Gauge

Q1. How do I choose a digital pressure gauge for my application?
A. Digital Pressure gauges are required when digital read out or analog output is required. Digital Pressure gauges need to be carefully chosen according to the application. The wetted parts of the digital pressure gauges should be compatible with the process media. Since they are electronic devices, the process temperature has to be within the maximum allowable limit. Digital pressure gauges are more precise and offer higher accuracy and resolution compared to analog gauges. So selection of correct accuracy and resolution depending on the application is very important step in selection of digital pressure gauge.

Q2. Can we configure different engineering units in digital pressure gauges?
A. Every digital pressure gauge comes with pre-defined engineering units. The number varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most digital gauges from reputed manufacturers offer option to select from multiple engineering units.

Q3. Can Digital Pressure gauges be used for outdoor process applications?
A. Yes, Digital Pressure gauges can be used for outdoor process applications. However one must to ensure that the product is IP65 rated and designed to work in the respective ambient conditions.

Q4. How are Digital Pressure gauges are powered?
A. Digital Pressure gauges are powered by AA, AAA, 9V battery, Button batteries, loop power, AC and DC power. Battery is preferred for calibration applications and Loop power, AC or DC in process applications or where continuous service is required.



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