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Pressure Transmitter – Types & Accuracy

03 Nov , 2020 News

What is a Pressure Transmitter?

Pressure transmitters, also known as pressure transducers, are used in industrial and process applications to measure the pressure of liquids, fluids, and gases in different working equipment. These transmitters are a vital component in process industries, especially the oil & gas industry which deals with a variety of fluids and gases.

They are commonly used to create a liquid interface detector to monitor the level of liquid in different connected pipelines of a system. Measurement and maintenance of the pressure level of different components in these industries are vital for their smooth functioning as any variation above or below the prescribed pressure can cause disasters. Pressure transmitters are often used in conjunction with other devices to ensure the proper functioning of any system. These transmitters are made very robust to withstand extreme environment which enhances their applicability in a range of industries. Pressure and Differential Pressure transmitters are primarily used in level measurement, flow measurement, and filtration system monitoring.

Pressure transmitters and sensors have become a vital component in the industrial sector owing to their wide range of applications. These transmitters are used to measure the pressure of a variety of fluid along with identifying any kind of leakage. Pressure transmitters are increasingly used in different types of research and development activities across different sectors such as the automotive and aircraft sectors. Here they are used to measure the pressure of fuel, water, air, and other manufactured products. The food and beverage sector has emerged as the new arena of application where the pressure transmitters are used in brewing and dairy applications to measure bottling points. New types of sensors are making way into the market. The pressure transmitters are also being used in many new fields and domains to satisfy new requirements.

Types of Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters can be categorized into four main types:

1. Gauge Pressure Transmitter

As the name suggests they measure the gauge pressure with respect to the atmospheric pressure. These types of transmitters are widely used in process industries as they involve the use of liquid and gases. The need to keep their pressure under check makes gauge pressure transmitter a vital component of the industry.

2.  Absolute Transmitters

These transmitters are used to measure pressure with respect to full vacuum. Basically, the media under measurement is placed in a sealed chamber to create a reference to absolute vacuum. These absolute pressure transmitters are generally employed in areas which demand a very high level of accuracy.

3. Differential-Pressure Transmitter

These transmitters are generally used to compare different types of pressure. Their applicability extends to both, the level applications and the flow applications. These transmitters have been used to measure flow rates owing to their advantages over other alternatives.

4. Multivariable Pressure Transmitters

These transmitters are used in cases where more than one variable is involved. These variables can be temperature and volumetric flow amongst other variables. These types of transmitters are widely used in industries involving the measurement of gas and steam flow.

Accuracy of Pressure transmitters

The accuracy of pressure transmitters has substantially increased over time. Accuracy consists different parameters of the device including linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability. These are three of the most important features of any pressure transmitter irrespective of the type of instrumentation and application it is used for. Many times, the manufacturers club all these parameters and represent it as a single value.


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Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitters are reliable and durable instruments and have wide usage across equipment manufacturing, utility applications, and Process industries.

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