Mass Products Low Pressure limiter / Gauge saver

Low Pressure limiter / Gauge saver

DescriptionPL2 Low Pressure limiter / Gauge saver Model

  • Pressure Rating

    400 kg/cm2 @ 100°C (212°F)

  • Adjustable Range

    400 to 20000 mmWC or 0.04 to 2 kg/cm2

  • Wetted Material

    SS316, SS316L

  • Applications:

    Machine and apparatus construction, Process plant, Power plant
    Chemical and Petrochemical Industries, Off shore, on shore refineries and Mining

  • Features:

    Metal Compact design
    Diaphragm actuated for high sensitivity
    Protect Instrument form over pressure
    Limits the excessive pressure and sudden spike
    Viton Seal
    Blocks higher pressure exceeding set value until pressure returns to its normal value
    Isolate low pressure indicator from a system that requires to read alternatively low & high pressure.