Mass Products DF52 Pancake Diaphragm Seal

DF52 Pancake Diaphragm Seal

DescriptionDF52 Pancake Diaphragm Seal

  • Flange Size

    2″ to 5″ (ANSI), DN50 to DN125 (DIN)

  • Pressure Rating

    150 to 1500 lbs, PN10 to PN100

  • Material

    Stainless steel 316L, 316L with PTFE protection, 316L with Gold coating,
    Hastelloy-C276, Monel

  • Application:

    Chemical & petrochemical industry, machine & apparatus construction, offshore installations, pulp & paper industry, Waste water treatment, etc.

  • Features:

    Wafer “pancake” type construction
    Flushed diaphragm
    Variety of wetted parts materials
    Suitable for differential pressure transmitters
    Suitable for slurry& high viscous service