Mass Products DF55 Extended Diaphragm (Urea) Seal

DF55 Extended Diaphragm (Urea) Seal

DescriptionDF55 Extended diaphragm seal suitable for viscous media or solids, high corrosion and temperature resistance, Urea applications.

  • Flange Size

    2″ to 4″ (ANSI)

  • Pressure Rating

    150 to 600 lbs

  • Material

    SS316L, SS316L with teflon coating, Hastelloy C, SS316L Urea Grade

  • Application:

    Chemical & petrochemical industry, Corrosive process, Elevated process temperatures, Fertilizer industry, Urea application, Sugar mills,  etc.

  • Features:

    Extended welded diaphragm seal
    Filling port in upper housing
    Variety of wetted parts materials
    Suitable for pressure gauges, switches and transmitters
    Dimensions according to Snamprogetti specifications
    Afford instrument protection from corrosives, heat and clogging issues associated with viscous media or solids