Mass Products CPB Low Pressure Capsule Gauges

CPB Low Pressure Capsule Gauges

DescriptionMass® CPB Brass Capsule Gauges fulfill the need for low pressure measurements suitable for clean gas and vapor pressure measurement.

  • Size

    63mm, 100mm, 115mm, 150mm

  • Accuracy

    2 %

  • Range

    ± 2.5 IW to 160 IW, ± 6 mbar to 400 mbar

  • Material


  • Application:

    Air conditioning, Machine and apparatus construnction

  • Features:

    Low pressure measurement
    Stainless steel case
    Protection IP54
    Suitable for air and gaseous application
    Standard zero adjustment
    This Product Compliance to Standard ASME B40.100 / EN 837-3 / IS-3624