What is Thermowell? Thermowell Types & Application

18 Feb , 2021

A thermowell is a protection for the temperature sensors in the form of cylindrical shaped pressure-tight fittings. It is used to protect the temperature sensors which are inserted into vessels and pipes for being used in different industrial applications.

It is used to create a barrier between the process media and sensing element as the process media can be corrosive and can negatively impact the sensing element. Moreover, it protects the sensing elements from fluid velocity and pressure.

Thermowell Types:

1. Threaded Thermowell

They are usually used in smaller pipes where the temperature of the non-corrosive fluid is measured. Threaded thermowell is screwed in the pipe for use and generally does not require replacements.

2. Flanges Weld Thermowell

As the name suggests, flanged thermowell is flanged at the top end. It is connected to the pipe using nuts and bolts. It is mostly used in applications that require frequent replacements and involve high temperatures.

3. Socket Weld Thermowell

Socket Weld Thermowell is directly welded into the pipe and is used only as a permanent connection. It provides a very strong connection which makes it highly suitable for applications involving very high temperature and pressure.

4. Vanstone Thermowell

Van Stone thermowell is used in high pressure applications. Machined from a solid bar it is placed in a sandwich position between the nozzle and cover flange. Vanstone flange surface is with a phonographic spiral serration.

5. Scruton Thermowell

The thermowell is made with Scruton well design to avoid damages that can be caused due to the mechanical load and critical condition of process. Scruton thermowell saves time and cost on re-work at site.

6. Sanitary Thermowell

A sanitary thermowell is used to isolate and protect the sensing element of any temperature instrument. The thermowell is built with hygienic connection to avoid bacterial buildup.

Thermowell Applications

Thermowells find applications in many industrial sectors including petrochemical, food processing, refining, cosmetics, Chemicals, Power, pharmaceutical, and other process industries.

The thermowells are designed to protect the equipment from different external forces and disturbances such as pressure, abrasion, vibration, and corrosion, which can be caused by the process medium.

The sensors protected by the thermowell can be removed and replaced without compromising on any other aspect of the environment.

Thermowell Wake Frequency Calculation

Wake frequency calculation as per ASME PTC 19.3 standard is done to prove that the thermowell has strength to handle hydrostatic pressure limit, dynamic static stress in relation with process conditions These calculations are done before manufacturing of thermowell to ensure that it can cope up with the stress and strain that can be produced by any process media.


Selecting a thermowell can be difficult owing to its wide variety and type. Going ahead with the selection one needs to first select the right material. Thermowells are made up of different materials including Stainless Steel, Titanium, Hastelloy C, Monel, Carbon, Steel and alloy Steel.

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